Registrations For Mar/April 2017 India/Uk Actuarial Exams And Acet Entrance For April/May 2017

We always strive to give back the knowledge that we gain from our experiences to the students of actuarial science fraternity. To extend the same philosophy, we are coming up with a more structured curriculum as described in the sample study plan.

It’s observed that most of the students start preparation with a lot of passion initially but fail to come up to the standards when it comes to learning the subject and clearing the paper. We take utmost care and encourage our students from time to time to take up the challenge, study everyday and complete the course well before time. We sincerely appeal all the aspirants to plan their upcoming session properly in advance.

The environment which SMEARS provides in terms of the problem solving approach and innovation is a hands-on experience which is required when going out into the real world.

The study material is just like a Road MAP. Studying the material and knowing the concepts is necessary part of progressing in this profession but that's not sufficient to clear the papers. You need to develop problem solving skills.

To become successful in clearing exams is assessing oneself through practice tests on a regular basis. Taking exams on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to self check from time to time. We conduct formative tests each day on the topic covered the same day followed by summative tests. The mock tests will be conducted prior to the exam.

Schedule: (Mar / April 2017 Diet)


  • Classes for the first batch will start from 8th October, 2016.

  • No of Hours – 40, Duration 2.5 months..

  • Last Date for registration 5th October 2016 for the 1st batch.


  • Classes for the second batch will start from 5th November, 2016.

  • No of Hours – 40, Duration 2.5 months.

  • Last Date for registration 31st October 2016 for the 2nd batch.


  • Classes for the third batch will start from 3rd December, 2016.

  • No of Hours – 40, Duration 2 months.

  • Last Date for registration 30th November, 2016 for the 3rd batch.

Courses Courses Fees Fees with Service Tax 15%
Refresher Course-Mathematics Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,750
Refresher Course-Statistics Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,750
CT1-Financial Mathematics Rs. 10,000 Rs. 11,500
CT2-Finance and Financial Reporting Rs. 10,000 Rs. 11,500
CT3- Probability and Mathematical Statistics Rs. 10,000 Rs. 11,500
CT4-Models Rs. 12,000 Rs. 13,800
CT5-General Insurance, Life and Health Contingencies Rs. 12,000 Rs. 13,800
CT6-Statistical Methods Rs. 12,000 Rs. 13,800
CT7- Business Economics Rs.10,000 Rs.11,500
CT8-Financial Economics Rs. 12,000 Rs. 13,800
Registration Procedure:

All the candidates desired to take admissions for the upcoming Mar/April 2017 India/UK actuarial examinations are advised to book their seats in advance by paying full amount.

You can make the payment by clicking on the below button:-


Confirm your booking by depositing money in the account mentioned below.
Send a mail or give a call to confirm.


Account Number: 9150 2003 5676 279
Bank Name : Axis Bank Limited
Branch Name: Marathahalli, Bangalore


SESSION (Oct 2016– Jan 2017)

SUBJECT-CT4 (Models)


Class -1 08-10-16 Ch-3 Introduction to stochastic processes, random walkThe Godfather FA-1
Class -2 09-10-16 Ch-3 Markov chain, long term distribution FA-2
Class -3 15-10-16 Ch-2 Independent increments, filtrations and Poisson process FA-3
Class -4 16-10-16 SA-1 SA-1(Discussion)
Class -5 22-10-16 Ch-4 The two state Markov model FA-4
Class -6 23-10-16 Ch-5 Various definitions of Poisson processes FA-5
Class -7 29-10-16 Ch-5 Kolmogorov s Forward, Backward differential equations FA-6
Class -8 08-10-16 Ch-6 Time Inhomogeneous Markov Model FA-7
Class -9 05-11-16 SA-2 SA-2(Discussion)
Class -10 06-11-16 Ch-8 Different types of censoring, introduction to parametric &
non-parametric models, Kaplan-Meier and Nelson-Aalen estimate
Class -11 12-11-16 Ch-9,10 The Cox regression model, Binomial and Poisson models of mortality. FA-9
Class -12 13-11-16 Ch-7,11 Complete and curtate expectation of life,
Gompert law makeham’s law, Exposed to Risk.
Class -13 19-11-16 SA-3 SA-3(Discussion)
Class -14 20-11-16 Ch-12 Graduation & Statistical Tests FA-11
Class -15 26-11-16 Ch-13 Methods of Graduation FA-12
Class -16 27-11-16 SA-4 SA-4(Discussion)
Class -17 30-12-16 MT-1 Evaluation
Class -18 10-12-16 MT-2 Evaluation

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