TPA Scheme for 2018 India/UK Actuarial Exams.

Progressing in actuarial profession by passing examinations on a regular basis is challenging. Also, most exam takers are studying in colleges/full time working professionals, so managing the workload and simultaneously passing the exams requires a bit extra effort.
One of the main reasons for not passing an exam, apart from studying and doing every other thing that is important to pass exams, is NOT having good assessment from time to time till the completion of the exam.

To become successful in clearing exams is assessing oneself through practice tests on a regular basis. Taking exams on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to check from time to time. We have launched an online Tracking Progress through Assessment (TPA) that will provide an opportunity for you to test your progress regularly.

It does not matter if you are a student studying yourself for the exam, you are taking classes from some training Institute, You have already taken the training & failed once or more and preparing for the September/October 2018 actuarial exams. You can take the benefit of appearing our online practice test series which will test your skills regularly & work as a CHECK POINT from time to time till you sit for the final exam. You can appear & check the detailed score reports that provide an in-depth analysis of your performance.

We will provide you the detailed list of tests of our program once you take admission in this Scheme.
All correspondences related to the program to candidate will be done by email.
TPA Fees:

CT1, CT3, CT5, CT7: Rs. 2,000/-
CT2, CT4, CT6, CT8: Rs. 4,000/-

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